Happykoala.org collects only data and personal information, for an effective distance required. The information we collect be sure processing and delivery orders, invoices and warranty contracts prepare.

Lack of information or inaccurate data may result in the cancellation of the order. (Act 78-17 of the 6. January 1978 “Informatique et Libertés”). Happykoala.org meets all data protection regulations in accordance with the ‘ Commission national Informatique et Libertés (CNIL) “. Every customer has the right to access, modify, correct and delete personal data or information about him (article 34 law of 6.) January 1978). This law can by the customer by post at our company headquarters in run

Route Blanche

Gardanne (13120)


or by email at info@Happykoala.org

Our customers can unsubscribe from any communication Happykoala.org, by email at info@Happykoala.org.



Happykoala.org is subject to French law.

Happykoala.org will not be liable for any damages, whether physical or material, caused by improper use of the product sold. This applies also in the case of changes in the original product.

Our responsibility will be paid the amount of money in all circumstances for the order limited. Happykoala.org is not liable for simple errors or omissions that may occur in the shipping process.

Our general terms and conditions are important for us and our customers. You are a contract between Happykoala.org and our customers. The Treaty requires:

Buyer will honor its financial commitment.

Customers use the products according to the instructions of the manufacturer or owner’s manual.

If you buy a technical product; in case of damage, only the manufacturer or authorised third parties can repair the device. The loss of the warranty takes any unauthorized attempt to repair the product.

Our customer service has the obligation to be thoughtful about every complaint and the corresponding respect. Good will should disclose his situation who makes the effort.

In the case of claims or disputes the customer must first contact Happykoala.org to reach an amicable settlement.

Our privacy commitment.

Ensuring the privacy of customers is really important for us. We will take the steps in our policy to protect customer information and personal data.

Our customers can access, change or delete their personal data. Customers may request the deletion of data from the Happykoala.org “Customer file”.

All personal data collected to help customers navigate through our site. To record this information, customers are not repeatedly enter the required data.

Delivery address is required to complete an order. The delivery address is necessary to put the customer and send the package to the right customers.

The customer’s telephone number will facilitate the delivery. The suppliers can deliver the most appropriate time to your contact. Telephone number of the customer by Happykoala.org customer representative can be to achieve the client in each incident during the delivery.

Happykoala.org of the customer email required to confirm an order. The email address can be used by our customer service department to answer questions.

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